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  • Gas Station TV is an Effective Medium for Reaching People at the Pump According to Nielsen Media Research Study

    Study also finds advertisers achieve high brand recall

    DETROIT – Gas Station TV (GSTV), the IP-based digital television network, today announced results of a new study by Nielsen Media Research that showed 77% of respondents looked at, watched or listened to GSTV while refueling at stations with the service. The study also revealed that 89% intend to “watch

  • Gas Station TV Launches National Media Network with Pre-eminent Partners

    Market leaders unite to bring business strength and sustainability to exciting new venture

    DETROIT, Mich. – Gas Station TV (GSTV) today formally launches its digital television network which will convert fuel stations nationwide into media centers. An IP-based digital television network, GSTV will deliver relevant and entertaining programming including local news, sports, weather and traffic to refueling motorists. The GSTV network will air

  • Top Executives from Yahoo! and WPP Worldwide Start New Media Venture, Gas Station TV

    Narrowcasting and IPTV expert to serve as president

    DETROIT, Mich. – Gas Station TV (GSTV), an IP-based digital television network, has announced the appointment of its executive management team. David Leider will serve as chief executive officer, managing client and partner relationships and business operations. Stephen Kuehn will oversee fiscal operations as chief financial officer. Adam Bleibtreu will

  • Gas Station TV signs exclusive contract with Murphy Oil USA, Inc. to provide digital television at the pump

    GSTV digital network to be available at 900 Murphy USA stations located in Wal-Mart parking lots

    DETROIT, Mich. – One of the premier “big box” gas retailers, Murphy Oil USA, Inc. (MOUSA) has signed the first real estate deal of its kind with Gas Station TV (GSTV). The exclusive agreement will provide digital media programming for Murphy USA¬® gas stations nationwide through 20″ LCD screens embedded

  • Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Gas Station TV announce alliance to deliver national television network to U.S. gas stations

    DETROIT, Mich. – The world’s largest manufacturer of gas station equipment, Gilbarco Veeder-Root (Gilbarco), has announced a partnership with Gas Station TV (GSTV) to convert fuel stations nationwide into media centers. Gilbarco will install 20″ daylight viewable LCD monitors with stereo sound into each gas pump at participating stations. GSTV,

  • Gas Station TV Selects ABC New Media Sales as Exclusive National Sales Representative

    Content from ABC News and ABC Owned Television Stations Will be Featured on Retail-Based Television Network

    NEW YORK – Gas Station TV (GSTV), a new retail-based television network available to gas stations across the country, has chosen ABC New Media Sales, a division of ABC National Television Sales, as its exclusive national advertising sales representative. The multi-year agreement, effective immediately, was announced today by Adam Bleibtreu,

  • New at the Gas Pump: TV

    Associated Press

    TV seems to be everywhere these days. At the supermarket, the mall, and now, thanks to a Michigan-based startup company, the gas pump. Gas Station TV, based in the Detroit suburb of Oak Park, has been testing its service for several months in Dallas with TV monitors installed above gas

  • Gas-Station TV Network Inks ABC Deal

    Gas Station TV, which provides digital broadcasts on LCD-equipped fuel pumps, has signed a deal to deliver ABC TV content, company officials said today. Though currently available only at Murphy USA stations in Dallas, GSTV has signed a long-term exclusive contract to install its service at 100 Murphy locations by

  • Video Ads to Play From Gas Station Pumps

    Rather than watch the numbers spin higher and higher as they fill their gas tanks, drivers now have the distraction of TV spots at the pump. Startup Gas Station TV is offering national and local content with 15-second ads on 20-inch, pump-mounted digital TV screens, confirming the notion that just

  • A New “Channel” for Murphy Oil

    • Convenience Store News

    Murphy Oil USA Inc. signed the first real-estate deal of its kind with Gas Station TV in an exclusive agreement that will provide digital media programming for Murphy USA gas stations nationwide through 20-inch high-definition LCD screens embedded within gas station pumps. GSTV, an IP-based digital television network, will feature