Gas Station TV Launches National Media Network with Pre-eminent Partners

Market leaders unite to bring business strength and sustainability to exciting new venture

DETROIT, Mich. – Gas Station TV (GSTV) today formally launches its digital television network which will convert fuel stations nationwide into media centers. An IP-based digital television network, GSTV will deliver relevant and entertaining programming including local news, sports, weather and traffic to refueling motorists. The GSTV network will air on 20″ daylight viewable LCD monitors embedded into gas dispensers.

GSTV has formed agreements with ABC National Television Sales (a division of the Walt Disney Company), which will provide exclusive national sales representation for the network featuring select ABC content; Murphy Oil USA, Inc., the leader in the growing U.S. market of gasoline sales at non-traditional locations with 900 stations located in Wal-Mart parking lots; Gilbarco Veeder-Root (Gilbarco), the world’s largest manufacturer of gas retailer equipment and technology; and Delphi Display Systems, the market leading provider of outdoor digital video display systems.

“We are creating the most valuable, out of home, digital network, with the greatest entertainment value for customers and significant return on investment for advertisers,” said David Leider, CEO, GSTV.

GSTV is led by executive management hailing from diverse backgrounds in advertising, digital signage, marketing, media and retail. The leadership team includes: David Leider, chief executive officer; Adam Bleibtreu, president; and Steven Kuehn, chief financial officer. Leider, Bleibtreu and Kuehn received the venture and private equity funding to create Gas Station TV from iZi Media, LLC and DHW Capital, LLC.

“The strong leadership skills demonstrated by David, Adam and Steven through their far-reaching expertise in media, coupled with a strong business model make GSTV an attractive investment opportunity,” said David Wong, DHW Capital.

The value proposition of GSTV is rooted in the average length of time consumers spend fueling their vehicle. GSTV has developed a programming schedule to maximize information sharing during this four minute time period. GSTV delivers content from ABC, a prominent U.S television network, together with participating local ABC owned and affiliated stations.

ABC’s New Media Sales group will support GSTV’s brand reach within the advertising community, as well as the network’s overall promotional initiatives. Tapping ABC New Media Sales sophisticated research, marketing and promotional resources, GSTV will have the capability to assist advertisers in shaping messages most effective for the retail-based network and its audience.

“GSTV’s full audio and video experience will offer a highly valuable television experience for consumers at the pump, as well as tremendous opportunities for advertisers seeking to reach this significant place-based audience,” said John Watkins, president of ABC National Television Sales.

The full-motion video and stereo sound of GSTV will be broadcast throughout the gas station creating a dynamic and immersive media experience for both the consumer and the advertiser.

“GSTV offers our clients the maximum value for their advertising dollars,” said Jack Sullivan, senior vice president and out of home media director, Starcom, USA. “With a truly captive audience, GSTV removes the fear that consumers will change the channel or skip the commercialsÑeffectively delivering every cost-per-thousand that advertisers purchase.”

To achieve national distribution, GSTV has signed a long-term, exclusive contract with Murphy USA to install the GSTV network. GSTV will be at 100 Murphy USA locations by September 2006, with 400 stations in the top 10 U.S. markets by January 1, 2007. The network is currently available at Murphy USA sites in Dallas.

“GSTV’s compelling, visually striking consumer entertainment gives Murphy USA something no other retailer has,” said Hank Heithaus, senior vice president, Murphy USA. “The GSTV experience drives customer traffic to the pumps and increases merchandise sales, allowing retailers to generate an incremental bottom line profit.”

GSTV has also entered into a strategic alliance with Gilbarco Veeder-Root to embed the 20″ LCD monitors with stereo sound that carry GSTV into its gas pumps at participating stations. The GSTV system will not only be embedded into new fueling dispensers, it can also be retrofitted into any Gilbarco pump. Through an exclusive co-marketing agreement, the GSTV system will be marketed through the Gilbarco sales force and made available to Gilbarco’s high-volume gas retail customers. The relationship with ABC for content and advertising sales, and the alliance with Gilbarco enable GSTV to provide the equipment and service at no charge to the retailer.

Programmable on a station-by-station basis, a portion of the programming on GSTV is dedicated to delivering messages that directly promote each retailer’s convenience store offerings. With up to four customized, promotional messages airing during each customer’s visit, GSTV enables retailers to drive the pay-at-the pump customer back into the store. Using templates from major brands like Pepsi, Frito-Lay, US Tobacco and others, GSTV custom produces a station’s ads to meet its unique needs. Another key component of the agreement with Gilbarco is the development of marketing and promotional programs designed to increase incremental retail revenue at participating retailers.

“We believe that GSTV’s digital media solution featuring ABC programming will not only enhance the customer experience but generate profits for our gas retailers by driving more retail traffic into their stores,” said Martin Gafinowitz, president, Gilbarco Veeder-Root.

The dispenser-top units used in the GSTV system will be manufactured by Delphi Display Systems (Delphi), the leading provider of sunlight readable display technology for the quick service restaurant drive-thru industry. The high quality display enabled by the Delphi monitors creates a rich viewing experience for consumers.

“Delphi Display Systems is committed to pioneering creative solutions and adapting unique applications for our customers,” said Ken Neeld, president and CEO, Delphi Display Systems. “GSTV provides us with another great opportunity to apply our expertise.”

The content on GSTV will be updated several times per day so that it remains relevant each time a customer visits the station.

GSTV currently features advertising from Allstate, Chevrolet,, Goodyear, Pepsi and the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company.

Webcast and Conference Call, Monday June 5, 11 a.m. EST

A Webcast presentation by GSTV CEO David Leider and GSTV President Adam Bleibtreu is scheduled for Monday, June 5 at 11:00 am EST. Following the presentation, Leider and Bleibtreu will host a question and answer session. To view the Webcast, visit

The Webcast will be broadcast in both Real Player and Windows Media Player formats.

Attendees may also access the audio portion of the presentation and Q&A via conference call:
Dial in: 800.795.1259
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Please dial in approximately ten minutes prior to the start of the call for admittance.

About Gas Station TV

GSTV is an IP-based digital television network offering select ABC programming; local news, sports, weather and traffic; original content and advertising. GSTV also carries Amber Alerts and select PSAs as part of its programming. GSTV is building a national digital media network with compelling programming and unique advertising opportunities for the marketplace, and an unrivaled gas retailer consumer entertainment experience. Content programmed for a highly desirable, captive audience on the network can be specifically tailored to geography and time of day. GSTV has secured associations with ABC, a prominent U.S. television network; Murphy Oil USA, Inc., the premier “big box” gas retailer in the nation, with approximately 1000 stations at Wal-Mart stores; Gilbarco, the world’s largest manufacturer of gas retailer equipment and technology; and Delphi Display Systems, the market leader in outdoor digital video display systems. With full motion video and audio, GSTV is a proven tool for enhancing the customer experience and increasing the revenue stream for participating gas retailers.

About ABC National Television Sales

ABC National Television Sales, a division of the ABC Owned Television Stations Group, supplies sales representation services to place-based television networks through its ABC New Media Sales unit and to regional sports networks through ABC Regional Sports Sales. The rep firm, which began as a support service for the ABC Owned Television Stations group, also provides sales services for Times Square Studio’s JumboTron sign and other venues and organizations.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Gasboy are leading suppliers of integrated fuel control, site management, and support services for petroleum marketers and commercial fueling enterprises worldwide. (,,

About Delphi Display Systems

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Delphi Display Systems designs and manufactures outdoor digital video display systems for the Quick Service Restaurant industry. Applications include drive-through order confirmation and digital merchandising displays for both the outside and interior of the retail customer. The company counts most national and regional quick serve restaurants amongst its customers. For more information on the company or the products they offer visit their Web site at

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