Gas Station TV signs exclusive contract with Murphy Oil USA, Inc. to provide digital television at the pump

GSTV digital network to be available at 900 Murphy USA stations located in Wal-Mart parking lots

DETROIT, Mich. – One of the premier “big box” gas retailers, Murphy Oil USA, Inc. (MOUSA) has signed the first real estate deal of its kind with Gas Station TV (GSTV). The exclusive agreement will provide digital media programming for Murphy USA¬® gas stations nationwide through 20″ LCD screens embedded within gas station pumps.

GSTV, an IP-based digital television network, delivers content from ABC, a prominent U.S television network, together with participating local ABC owned and affiliated stations including local news, sports, weather and traffic. GSTV has launched in Dallas and will soon arrive in Atlanta and Houston.

“Our successful pilot in Dallas has proven GSTV to be a viable tool for enhancing the customer experience at, and revenue stream for participating gas retailers.” said David Leider, CEO, GSTV. “The sheer size and scope of Murphy USA has uniquely positioned GSTV with the real estate to quickly share this tool nationally.”

GSTV will be at 100 Murphy USA locations by September 2006, with 400 stations in the top 10 U.S. markets by January 1, 2007. GSTV and Murphy USA will work together in developing marketing and promotional programs designed to drive incremental retail revenue per customer visit.

“GSTV provides a unique outlet to deliver entertainment and information to our customers,” said Bill Deichler, manager, special services, Murphy USA. “Consumers that have experienced GSTV enjoy being entertained and provided with news, traffic and weather updates during an otherwise uneventful four minutes.”

Murphy USA operates retail gasoline stations across 21 states in the U.S. These high-volume, low-cost retail gasoline stations are located in Wal-Mart parking lots. More than 900 of these stations are now in operation.

“GSTV’s compelling, visually striking consumer entertainment gives Murphy USA something no other retailer has,” said Hank Heithaus, senior vice president, Murphy USA. “The GSTV experience drives customer traffic to the pumps and increases merchandise sales, allowing retailers to generate an incremental bottom line profit.”

In addition to the deal with MOUSA, GSTV has formed exclusive partnerships with several pre-eminent players. For content and programming, they’ve signed with ABC, and ABC New Media Sales for sales and marketing. GSTV has also formed a partnership with Gilbarco, the world’s largest manufacturer of gas retailer equipment and technology, with 90 percent market share of all gas station pumps in the U.S.

About Gas Station TV

GSTV is an IP-based digital television network offering select ABC programming; local news, sports, weather and traffic; original content and advertising. GSTV also carries Amber Alerts and select PSAs as part of its programming. GSTV is building a national digital media network with compelling programming and unique advertising opportunities for the marketplace, and an unrivaled gas retailer consumer entertainment experience. Content programmed for a highly desirable, captive audience on the network can be specifically tailored to geography and time of day. GSTV has secured associations with ABC, a prominent U.S. television network; Murphy Oil USA, Inc., the premier “big box” gas retailer in the nation, with approximately 1000 stations at Wal-Mart stores; Gilbarco, the world’s largest manufacturer of gas retailer equipment and technology; and Delphi Display Systems, the market leader in outdoor digital video display systems. With full motion video and audio, GSTV is a proven tool for enhancing the customer experience and increasing the revenue stream for participating gas retailers.

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