Top Executives from Yahoo! and WPP Worldwide Start New Media Venture, Gas Station TV

Narrowcasting and IPTV expert to serve as president

DETROIT, Mich. – Gas Station TV (GSTV), an IP-based digital television network, has announced the appointment of its executive management team. David Leider will serve as chief executive officer, managing client and partner relationships and business operations. Stephen Kuehn will oversee fiscal operations as chief financial officer. Adam Bleibtreu will provide design, execution and integration expertise as president of the company.

The team will lead the company in building a national digital media network offering unrivaled entertainment and informational programming to consumers nationwide, while affording unique advertising opportunities to the gas retailer marketplace.

The GSTV digital network will air on 20″ daylight viewable LCD monitors embedded into gas pumps. GSTV will deliver content from ABC, a prominent U.S television network, together with participating local ABC owned and affiliated stations including AccuWeather forecasts and local traffic. Leider, Bleibtreu and Kuehn will leverage their extensive experience in advertising, media and marketing to strategically position GSTV in the market.

GSTV CEO David Leider carries more than twenty years of experience in the media, automotive, consumer packed goods, retail and technology sectors. Leider brings extensive expertise in senior-level client relationship management, business operations and marketing integration to GSTV. Prior to joining GSTV he was a member of senior management at Yahoo! Inc. Leider earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.

Prior to his role as CFO of GSTV, Stephen Kuehn served at WPP Worldwide as CFO for the Ford Automotive business where he was responsible for all aspects of finance and operations. During his 15 years in advertising, Kuehn has held several senior financial management positions, servicing many world class automotive, fast food and retail industry clients. Kuehn graduated with a BBA from Western Michigan University.

GSTV President Adam Bleibtreu brings 25 years of advertising, media and marketing experience to his position at GSTV. An expert in narrowcasting and IPTV networks, Bleibtreu specializes in the design, implementation and integration of digital networks. Prior to GSTV, he was responsible for designing and executing the first digital networks in themed restaurants, shopping malls and convention centers in the U.S. Having served as the initial vice president of creative services for the WB Television Network, Bliebtreu has a wealth of experience in launching television networks. He holds a bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of Southern California.

The strong leadership skills demonstrated by David, Adam and Stephen through their far-reaching expertise in advertising and digital media are what solidified GSTV as such an attractive investment opportunity,” said David Wong, DHW Capital. “I am fully confident in each of their capabilities to develop GSTV into a dramatically successful venture.”

About Gas Station TV

GSTV is an IP-based digital television network offering select ABC programming; local news, sports, weather and traffic; original content and advertising. GSTV also carries Amber Alerts and select PSAs as part of its programming. GSTV is building a national digital media network with compelling programming and unique advertising opportunities for the marketplace, and an unrivaled gas retailer consumer entertainment experience. Content programmed for a highly desirable, captive audience on the network can be specifically tailored to geography and time of day. GSTV has secured associations with ABC, a prominent U.S. television network; Murphy Oil USA, Inc., the premier “big box” gas retailer in the nation, with approximately 1000 stations at Wal-Mart stores; Gilbarco, the world’s largest manufacturer of gas retailer equipment and technology; and Delphi Display Systems, the market leader in outdoor digital video display systems. With full motion video and audio, GSTV is a proven tool for enhancing the customer experience and increasing the revenue stream for participating gas retailers.

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