Gas Station TV is an Effective Medium for Reaching People at the Pump According to Nielsen Media Research Study

Study also finds advertisers achieve high brand recall

DETROIT – Gas Station TV (GSTV), the IP-based digital television network, today announced results of a new study by Nielsen Media Research that showed 77% of respondents looked at, watched or listened to GSTV while refueling at stations with the service. The study also revealed that 89% intend to “watch or listen to GSTV” upon their next station visit. GSTV is grabbing the mobile consumer’s attention by delivering engaging, entertaining and informative content through 20-inch LCD TV screens embedded atop gas station pumps.

In addition, GSTV delivers content from ABC, a prominent U.S television network, together with participating local ABC owned and affiliated stations. GSTV programming, refreshed multiple times during the day, will air on 20″ daylight viewable LCD monitors embedded into gas pumps. The full-motion video and stereo sound of GSTV will be broadcast throughout gas stations.

The study was conducted by Nielsen Media Research’s New Media Services at GSTV-equipped gas stations in the greater Dallas market. Results from the study also showed that advertising brand recall averaged an extremely high 40%.

ABC’s New Media Sales group will support GSTV’s brand reach within the advertising community, as well as the network’s overall promotional initiatives. Tapping ABC New Media Sales sophisticated research, marketing and promotional resources, GSTV will have the capability to assist advertisers in shaping messages most effective for the retail-based network and its audience.

“This pilot study certainly demonstrates that people will watch and value GSTV as they pump their gas,” said Beth Corbett, Vice President, Nielsen Media Research. “We look forward to expanding the scope of the research as GSTV rolls out into more stations and markets.”

GSTV’s association with local participating ABC owned television stations also strengthens the network’s ability to drive retail sales and promotions for its advertising partners. GSTV currently features advertising from include Allstate, Chevrolet,, Goodyear, Pepsi and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company.

An overwhelming 84% of viewers also agreed that GSTV is a good source of product information. This number illustrates the added value that GSTV brings to advertisers. Further, more than 75% of respondents agree GSTV is entertaining, makes pumping gas a better experience, and makes gas stations more appealing.

“This Nielsen report provides tangible evidence that GSTV makes the fueling experience more enjoyable for our customers,” said Bill Deichler, Manager, Special Services, Murphy Oil USA, with stations at nearly 1000 Wal-Marts. “For our stations, GSTV has proved a great avenue for commercial contact with our customers. GSTV makes this possible by helping us showcase our retail products through customizable promotional video spots above our pumps.”

“The Nielsen study results prove that GSTV can deliver significant return on investment for advertisers and offers a competitive advantage to gas station convenience store owners,” said David Leider, CEO, GSTV. “Industry challenges demand marketers find new ways to provide timely and relevant programming to consumers. We are thrilled to be offering a new medium that engages consumers in a truly captive environment, and turns a once mundane necessity into an entertaining, informative experience.”

GSTV is currently delivering local news, sports, weather and traffic to refueling motorists in the Atlanta, Dallas and Houston markets, and is rolling out to more than 7,000 screens across the top 15 markets in the U.S. by the end of 2007.

About the Study

The GSTV research was a pilot intercept study conducted across twenty (20) four-hour dayparts at five client provided pilot stations in the greater Dallas area between July 31 and August 13, 2006. Interviews were conducted with 418 adults 18+ after they had refueled. Viewing estimates assume 100% media compliance. Recall estimates reflect total unaided, aided and photoprompted recall. Agreement estimates reflect the top two boxes of a five point scale.

About Nielsen Media Research

Nielsen Media Research is the world’s leading provider of television audience measurement and advertising information services. In the United States, Nielsen’s National People Meter service provides audience estimates for all national programming sources, including broadcast networks, cable networks, Spanish language networks, and national syndicators. Local ratings estimates are produced for television stations, regional cable networks, MSOs, cable interconnects, and Spanish language stations in each of the 210 television markets in the U.S., including electronic metered service in 56 markets. Nielsen Media Research is part of VNU Media Measurement & Information, a global leader in information services for the media and entertainment industries. VNU is active in more than 100 countries. For more information, please visit the VNU website at

About Gas Station TV

GSTV is an IP-based digital television network offering select ABC programming; local news, sports, weather and traffic; original content and advertising. GSTV also carries Amber Alerts and select PSAs as part of its programming. GSTV is building a national digital media network with compelling programming and unique advertising opportunities for the marketplace, and an unrivaled gas retailer consumer entertainment experience. Content programmed for a highly desirable, captive audience on the network can be specifically tailored to geography and time of day. GSTV has secured associations with ABC, a prominent U.S. television network; Murphy Oil USA, Inc., the premier “big box” gas retailer in the nation, with approximately 1000 stations at Wal-Mart stores; Gilbarco, the world’s largest manufacturer of gas retailer equipment and technology; and Delphi Display Systems, the market leader in outdoor digital video display systems. With full motion video and audio, GSTV is a proven tool for enhancing the customer experience and increasing the revenue stream for participating gas retailers.

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