Gas Station TV Makes Move Inside

  • NACS Online

DETROIT — Gas Station TV is expanding from the gas pump to inside the convenience store, the company announced this week.

GSTV will launch an in-store pilot at select Sunoco stations. Sunoco is the first gasoline retailer to take advantage of GSTV’s in-store media package.

GSTV’s large-format LCD panels are positioned in high-traffic areas inside the convenience store and feature GSTV’s mix of news and entertainment from ABC television, sports highlights from ESPN, AccuWeather forecasts, brand advertising and c-store product promotions.

GSTV currently reaches more than 40 million viewers a month across 300 cities with major retail partners like Sunoco. Since its launch in 2006, GSTV has 5,000 screens throughout the nation including major media markets such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit and Tampa.

“GSTV has enhanced our business in the forecourt and we’re excited to be the first retailer to launch this in-store program with them in an effort to continue driving sales and building customer loyalty,” said Chris Buitron, brand manager of Sunoco.