Gas Station TV Pumps Up

  • Media Daily News

GAS STATION TV WILL SOON be able to reach consumers at multiple points during their visit to the gas station, as in-store digital video displays come to Sunoco stations nationwide. The in-store video will complement digital displays already installed by the company at eye level in gas pumps, created to reach consumers while they fill their tanks.

The in-store displays consist of large-format LCD panels placed in high-traffic areas around each gas station’s convenience store. They will feature a mix of short-form news and entertainment content from ABC television, sports content from ESPN and AccuWeather forecasts. Brand advertising and store promotions will also be shown.

Gas Station TV currently operates more than 5,000 digital screens in 300 cities across the United States, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit and Tampa. The company says it plans to install an additional 7,000 pump-top displays, thus covering the top 15 DMAs by the end of 2008.

The move to in-store broadcasting comes as Nielsen In-Store, in partnership with the In-Store Marketing Institute, refines a new metric for measuring in-store media exposure. Nielsen’s coverage includes GSTV-style retail TV, plus radio networks, point-of-purchase displays and other signage.