CBS, Gas Station TV Ink Deal to Deliver News and Entertainment at the Pump

CBS partners with GSTV to expand out-of-home media presence

  • Yahoo! Finance

DETROIT, Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ — CBS, America’s most-watched network, has teamed with Gas Station TV (GSTV), the industry leader in digital gas station media, to provide viewers with a mix of daily updates and customized content.

As part of this exclusive relationship with CBS, GSTV will deliver its viewers breaking news and headlines from CBS News as well as entertaining and informative segments from CBS’s vast programming lineup.

“Gas Station TV provides an excellent new outlet for CBS in the fast growing category of digital out-of-home media,” said George Schweitzer, President, CBS Marketing. “The viewing experience and reach they provide dovetails perfectly with our strategy of finding unique ways to reach a captive audience for our content when viewers are out of their homes.”

For Gas Station TV, the engagement with CBS is a testament to the monumental growth of the digital media market and the company’s overwhelming success in the past year. With more than 30 million viewers a month in over 300 cities across the U.S., GSTV has risen to the forefront of the digital media landscape by expanding to the nation’s top media markets and securing partnerships with some of the world’s most recognized advertisers, gas station retailers and pump technology providers.

“We’re transforming the gas station into a true media destination for consumers, marketers and retailers alike,” said David Leider, GSTV CEO. “In partnership with CBS, we’re providing a richer, more dynamic content experience than ever before, and creating new opportunities for our advertising and retail partners. Consumers will notice the difference, and we’re confident that our business partners will see the results.”

CBS has significant experience in programming for out-of-home audiences. In addition to the partnership with Gas Station TV, the Company owns CBS Outernet (previously called SignStorey), a leader in the distribution of video programming and advertising content to retail stores. CBS also distributes video programming to many outlets including airlines, supermarkets, shopping malls, hair salons, doctor offices and auto service centers.