CBS To Appear On Gas Station TV

AS WITH OTHER KINDS OF place-based video, the major TV networks are pairing off with companies that operate digital video displays at gas pumps, reaching consumers during the two-to-three minutes of down time it takes to fill their gas tanks. The latest deal brings CBS content to Gas Station TV, which currently operates about 5,000 such displays in 300 cities around the country. GSTV also gets content from ESPN.

GSTV claims to reach 30 million gas station customers a month in big markets like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston. In addition to providing recognizable content to GSTV, the deal increases exposure for CBS shows–part of the network’s larger “Outernet” strategy, which includes distribution of content via place-based video networks.
CBS isn’t alone in seeking place-based distribution. In the gas station video market, NBC is providing content to the FuelCast Network, and ABC News partnered with a third competitor, PumpTopTV.

More broadly, CBS is providing content to Healium, a video network serving waiting rooms in doctors’ offices, and has struck deals with American Airlines, Royal Caribbean, Starwood Hotels, Indoor Direct, Mall of America, Simon Malls and Ripple TV. It also purchased SignStorey, an in-store video network that has been rebranded the “CBS Outernet.”

Meanwhile, NBC has partnered with Channel One, an in-school video network that delivers a 12-minute news broadcast; Premier Retail Networks’ “Supermarket Checkout TV,” at more than 1,000 stores; and Clear Channel Taxi Media in New York City. A third deal is in the works to display NBCU content, including ads, on PATH commuter trains running between New York and New Jersey.