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  • Gas Station TV’s Growth Spurs Sales Team Expansion

    GSTV continues to dominate the segment, hires Adam Schoenberg and Christopher Palumbo

    Gas Station TV (GSTV) today announced the addition of Adam Shoenberg and Christopher Palumbo to the GSTV New York sales office. Reporting into GSTV’s chief sales officer Jason Brown, the new sales executives will maintain and build upon the company’s marketplace momentum to service media buyers, planners and Fortune 500

  • Birmingham entrepreneur pumped to be a TV mogul at gas stations

    Entrepreneur fuels business at gas stations

    • The Detroit News

    A Birmingham entrepreneur wants to have the largest television network in the country — reaching more viewers than the largest cable or traditional networks. And he thinks he has just the way to reach that mass audience — at the gas pump. As founder and CEO of Gas Station TV,

  • PepsiCo Gets AMP’d by Success of Gas Station TV Campaign

    Nielsen Findings Show AMP Energy Purchase Intent Increases 277%, Brand Top of Mind Awareness Grows 213%

    NEW YORK – Gas Station TV (GSTV) today released its proprietary Nielsen results from its study with PepsiCo’s AMP Energy and AMP Energy Juice drinks conducted by The Nielsen Company. Notably, AMP Energy purchase intent nearly tripled after the eight-week campaign on GSTV, proving the effectiveness of GSTV as a

  • ESPN, Gas Station TV Expand Pact

    Gas Station TV announced Wednesday (Aug. 11) it had expanded its agreement with ESPN, which has provided content exclusively to the out-of-home network at the gas pump since 2007. As part of the new deal, the two companies now offer advertisers the opportunity to embed advertising within ESPN Sports News.

  • ESPN and Gas Station TV Extend Agreement, Offer Enhanced Content Experience for Advertisers

    AMP Energy First to Launch Campaign with High-Impact ESPN Auto-Racing Content

    NEW YORK – Gas Station TV, the sole provider of ESPN sports content at the pump, and ESPN have extended their agreement together to offer a deeper brand integration platform for advertisers. New high-action content on GSTV features full-motion video clips, providing a more engaging and valuable experience at the

  • Team Universal McCann Wins Gas Station TV’s Inaugural Beer Pong Invitational Tournament

    Almost 600 New York Advertising Executives Partied All Night as Acclaimed Film Director Adam Hootnick Filmed Beer Pong Reality Show Pilot

    New York – Strange, maybe. Fun, definitely. That’s what nearly 600 advertising industry executives said as they danced to the band Black Taxi featuring a LEBOlive visual art performance and live mashup by DJ Francesco, ate buckets of BBQ and watched Matthew Tornatore and Riley Scannell from Universal McCann win

  • Gas Station TV Hits Record 27 Million Monthly Nielsen-Verified Fueling Impressions

    As the only third-party measured and audited media network at the pump, clients are confidently buying GSTV

    NEW YORK – Gas Station TV, the largest national away-from-home television network delivering a one-to-one consumer viewing experience, has been delivering Nielsen Pocketpieces to the advertising community for over two years. The most recent report shows GSTV exceeding 26 million monthly Nielsen-verified fueling impressions, and next month’s report will reflect

  • Gas Station TV goes on the air

    Gas Station TV celebrated the opening of its new Birmingham facility with a charity launch party hosted by media partner ESPN. Mayor Rackeline Hoff along with members of the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber joined the party for a special ribbon cutting ceremony to officially welcome GSTV to the community. Attendees were