ESPN and Gas Station TV Extend Agreement, Offer Enhanced Content Experience for Advertisers

AMP Energy First to Launch Campaign with High-Impact ESPN Auto-Racing Content

NEW YORK – Gas Station TV, the sole provider of ESPN sports content at the pump, and ESPN have extended their agreement together to offer a deeper brand integration platform for advertisers. New high-action content on GSTV features full-motion video clips, providing a more engaging and valuable experience at the pump, and offering deeper brand presence for advertisers.

AMP Energy was the first brand to take advantage of GSTV’s new content platform, which embedded its product messaging into ESPN sports news. These branded segments feature deep integration into the content, and were augmented with GSTV’s proprietary Action Tags directing consumers to purchase the product available on-site at the convenience store.

“We continue to hone our content relationships to target the needs of our clients, creating relevant, engaging, brand-integrated solutions to reach today’s elusive consumer,” said David Leider, CEO of Gas Station TV. “The AMP marketing team quickly realized the benefits of these solutions as both an enjoyable experience for the viewer and as an answer to some of the issues presented to marketers with traditional at-home TV, such as DVR penetration and growing audience fragmentation.”

GSTV offers valuable packages that align with advertisers’ individual brand needs. Available sponsored sports segments include: ESPN’s coverage of football, basketball, baseball, auto racing, and more.

“Working with GSTV provides an opportunity to engage fans in a unique environment,” said Matt Murphy, Digital Video Distribution, Disney and ESPN Media Networks. “GSTV expands our reach and enables us to place our content in front of 30 million incremental viewers a month above and beyond our own distribution channels.”