Gas Station TV fuels up DOOH network with TBS deal

Fuel-pump digital out-of-home network Gas Station TV has been on a roll lately, and is keeping the pedal to the metal with its latest announcement, a content partnership with cable giant TBS.

GSTV announced today that it has signed an exclusive deal with Turner Broadcasting System Inc. to deliver news and entertainment segments to its in-pump DOOH network. As part of the deal, Turner will custom-produce and deliver stories throughout the day from HLN, and entertainment news from HLN’s “Showbiz Tonight.”

That development follows other recent announcements regarding the increasing expansion in two New York fuel chains of its media platform, inOvationTV, that was co-developed with GE Energy business and fuel-pump technology provider Wayne, and the launch of its local sales division aimed at allowing small businesses to target their advertising at a hyper-local level.

TBS deal adds to content mix

Now, the Headline News Network content will be added to a program mix that includes business segments from Bloomberg Television and sports from ESPN.

“Signing an exclusive deal with Turner Broadcasting clearly demonstrates that GSTV has become a mainstream media platform in the eyes of big media, making our user experience that much more impactful,” GSTV CEO David Leider said in an email. “Turner Broadcasting’s belief in GSTV’s ability to impact consumers certainly bodes well for the entire digital OOH industry.”

GSTV wanted to add the news and entertainment content from HLN to give it a wider variety of content, and the HLN programming will be adapted for GSTV from HLN newscasts and updated throughout the day, according to GSTV spokeswoman Rachel Partain.

“That way, what customers at the pump see in the evening won’t be the same thing they’d see in the morning,” she said.

The new deal with TBS provides GSTV advertisers with even better quality DOOH programming to showcase their goods and services, Leider said in today’s announcement. “We are thrilled that HLN is providing fresh, relevant and custom segments for our viewers.”

GSTV expanding reach

Last month, GSTV announced that it, along with Wayne, was deploying its inOvationTV to Bolla Oil and Bill Wolf Petroleum Corp. stations in New York.

GSTV and Wayne said late last month that they will install their co-developed inOvationTV at all Bolla Oil gas station and convenience store locations, located in the New York market. Bolla Oil will be adding inOvationTV to more than 40 sites, some of which will be immediately retrofitted to existing stations, while others will be added as Bolla rolls out its new Wayne Ovation dispensers.

That announcement followed a similar one about a continued expansion to Wolf Petroleum stations made about two weeks prior.

GSTV and Wayne launched inOvationTV in September with a Wayne investment valued at more than $50 million. Wayne’s investment makes inOvationTV available to qualified stations free-of-charge, to be installed either as a retrofit to stations currently using Wayne’s Ovation dispensers, or to retailers installing new Ovation dispensers from the factory. GSTV claims the inOvationTV deal will triple its monthly viewership to more than 70 million consumers.

“The investment (in inOvationTV) creates an exciting resource that will become an asset to help us connect with and deliver great advancements to our valued customers,” said Bolla Oil CEO and Chairman Harry Singh in that announcement.

According to GSTV, fuel retailers outfitted with inOvationTV can ply their customers with GSTV’s exclusive content, including sports from ESPN, business and personal finance news from Bloomberg TV, local weather from AccuWeather, and GSTV’s original social media television show, “Your Neighborhood.”

Bill Wolf Petroleum — the first retailer to launch inOvationTV, according to Leider — has had a longstanding relationship with GSTV, and is looking forward to continuing it, according to Adam Wolf, vice president of Bill Wolf Petroleum.

“Our investment with GSTV has yielded significant returns for us and our retailers, and we look forward to providing new opportunities with inOvationTV.”