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  • Gas Station TV Pumps Up Growth With New Hires

    Television Network Promotes Fontanella and Adds Four Senior Executives

    NEW YORK – Gas Station TV (GSTV), the largest national away-from-home television network delivering a one-to-one consumer viewing experience, has welcomed four new senior level positions to its team and an internal promotion, reflecting its continued expansion. “As GSTV continues to thrive, we have hired exceptional talent to augment our

  • Gas Station TV Drives One Billion Viewers In Just Five Years

    Network Solidly Leading the Away-From-Home TV Industry with Content Excellence, Technology Leadership and Business Success

    Gas Station TV (GSTV) today announced that one billion people have viewed its at-the-pump network. As DVRs and mobile devices have risen in popularity over the past five years, GSTV has become a place where advertisers can reach a captive audience. From humble beginnings – a five-station pilot in Dallas

  • Gas Station TV Puts the Pedal to the Floor With 19 New Sites

    Gas Station TV (GSTV) has announced the expansion of its service station network with 19 new locations across San Diego and Los Angeles, California. The company, which states that it is the USA’s largest national away-from-home television network delivering one-to-one viewing, estimates that its recent growth will bolster impressions by

  • Full Tank: Gas Station TV Adds Venues, Viewers

    Assuming they aren’t distracted by sky-high gas prices on the meter, drivers in Southern California have something new to watch while they’re at the pump, thanks to Gas Station TV, which has expanded its network of digital out-of-home video displays to include 19 new service locations in Los Angeles and

  • Gas Station TV Fuels West Coast Expansion With 19 New Locations

    Expansion to increase GSTV impressions by 4.5 million annually

    LOS ANGELES – Gas Station TV (GSTV), the largest national away-from-home television network delivering a one-to-one viewer experience, today announced the addition of 19 new service locations in Los Angeles and San Diego. The West Coast is the latest stop for GSTV’s world-class content experience, which captivates 27 million drivers

  • Gas Station TV Announces 5X Delivery Guarantee On All Campaigns

    Network Launches Bold Marketing Campaign During TV Upfront Season

    BIRMINGHAM, Mich., – Gas Station TV (GSTV), the largest national away-from-home television network delivering a one-to-one viewer experience, today unveiled a bold new offer touting its new “5X Campaign Delivery Guarantee.” GSTV is offering a delivery guarantee for any advertising program purchased from now until June 30, 2011. To be

  • Ford Pumps Up 2012 Models with GSTV

    Talk about a pain point: Is there any purchase that feels worse these days than pouring gasoline into your car at prices of around $4 a gallon? Well, Ford is ready to help with the 38-highway-mpg new 2012 Focus and other fuel-efficient models. And it has found a way to

  • Ford Turns To Gas Station TV For Focus Campaign

    Network Uses Echo Ads to Influence its Audience of Drivers

    BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – Gas Station TV (GSTV) and Ford Motor Company today announced a new campaign to reach drivers while filling up their gas tanks. The campaign is running exclusively on GSTV at the pump, reaching 27 million drivers at more than 1,100 stations nationwide. GSTV and Ford produced the

  • Ford Touts Gas Sippers On Gas Station TV

    Ford is running an ad campaign touting its gas-efficient vehicles. But the effort is running solely — although appropriately — on Gas Station TV (GSTV.) The effort will reach some 27 million drivers refueling at some 1,100 stations. Gas Station TV CEO David Leider explains that while the first two