Gas Station TV Offers Locally Relevant Ads

Customized ads provide locally relevant messaging, such as current weather conditions.

BIRMINGHAM, MI – Gas Station TV has begun airing ads customized by location across its pump-side screen network, the Detroit News reports.

The customization has resonated well with Fiat, which has created a spot specifically for the platform. The ad airs only in California, where 25% of Fiat’s dealerships are located.

“We like to do fun, innovative, breakthrough creative, and this provided a unique venue,” said Casey Hurbis, head of Fiat brand communications. The GSTV ad “certainly provides a captive audience” while they fill their cars. “I’m a little surprised that more advertisers haven’t used this space already to create contextually relevant marketing.”

The Fiat ad concludes by listing the three Fiat dealers closest to the pump location.

Fiat is not the only automaker capitalizing on GSTV technology. Chrysler began a series of ads on the network that depict different weather conditions depending on the weather in the region near the pump.

GSTV CEO David Leider said he expects other car companies to offer more “environmentally oriented” advertising.

“It’s a matter of baby steps,” he said. “Others will see (the Fiat ad) and probably try to top it.”