How Gas Station TV Uses Surveys for Consumer Research


Psst, anyone know what DOOH stands for?

Give up?

It’s shorthand for Digital Out-of-Home, a type of online advertising that takes place–yep–out of the home. Places like movie theaters, airplanes and gas stations are popular DOOH locations. We’re pretty excited to shine our spotlight on America’s #1 DOOH network at the pump–Gas Station TV (GSTV). GSTV offers a comprehensive DOOH experience–full sight, sound and motion.

Here to share how this unique advertising company utilizes SurveyMonkey to learn about, engage, (and reward!) their customers is Ian Sherman, Marketing Coordinator of GSTV.


GSTV’s goal is to influence and drive consumers into action on behalf of our advertisers and gas retailers with exclusive content from ESPNCNN, HLN’s Showbiz TonightBloomberg News, and Accuweather. We rely on both mobile and web in order to interact with clients and customers in unique ways. The merging of three technologies–Digital Out-of-Home, Mobile and Web–allowed us to gain immediate feedback compared to other forms of feedback strategies such as sending emails or organizing focus groups. Knowing what your audience thinks about you and the effectiveness of your product is critical to keeping them tuned in. We’re always looking for ways to capture feedback from our 41+ million monthly viewers and recently, we wanted to test our product and measure consumer reactions. This is where SurveyMonkey came in!

For one month, we ran on-screen promos at filling stations across the U.S. asking GSTV viewers to text a special code to GSTV in order to receive a link to our survey. After filling out the survey on their cell-phones, viewers were then entered into a sweepstakes where they had the chance to win a $500 gas card. Since SurveyMonkey’s web link Collector is so easy to use, we received over 1,000 responses and resulted in one very lucky winner–Mike O. of Illinois. Congratulations once more, Mike!

Here’s a peek into one of our insights.

Did you enjoy watching GSTV?

94% of respondents reported enjoyed watching or listening to GSTV while filling up at the gas station. Why? Because the content was both relevant and informative. Over half intended to further investigate or purchase a product that they saw advertised on the screen.

Our CEO, David Leider, was pretty happy with the results we were able to collect:

“Obtaining open-ended viewer feedback through traditional intercept studies at the pump is difficult due to time constraints and cost. The interviewer only has a few minutes with each respondent, making it difficult to delve deeper into opinions and attitudes…Implementing our research project with SurveyMonkey was a very simple and easy process. Their advanced analysis options let us easily capture and process this valuable data. They have one of the most user-friendly and informative systems we’ve seen.”

With SurveyMonkey’s help, we now have a better understanding of how our audience feels about the GSTV experience, as well as the impact our ads have on customers.

For more information on Gas Station TV, check out their site here. Have comments or questions? You know where to go!