InOvationTV™ Media Platform Available Nationwide in All New Wayne Ovation™ Fuel Dispensers

Wayne, A GE Business, and GSTV Expand Integration of Video at the Pump Nationwide

BIRMINGHAM, Mich.,Gas Station TV (GSTV), America’s No. 1 video network at the pump, and Wayne, A GE Business and a global innovator of fuel dispensers and forecourt technologies, announced a new agreement that expands the availability of the inOvationTVTM media platform and its GSTV-exclusive TV content to any gas retailer nationwide, regardless of region or fuel volume, that purchases new Wayne OvationTM fuel dispensers.

The expanded relationship provides GSTV and Wayne with programmatic growth, delivering new stations every month continuously. The expanded program will grow GSTV’s national presence by thousands of pumps and millions of viewers annually, enabling gas retailers and advertisers nationwide to help create deeper customer engagement.

“Our collaboration with GSTV exemplifies Wayne’s commitment to providing solutions that help enable retailers to enhance and differentiate their businesses,” said Jeffrey R. Lass, GM Software and Technology Solutions, Wayne. “The InOvationTV media program has been highly successful for fueling retailers in many regions across the country, and this nationwide expansion allows us to bring the combined benefits of Wayne and GSTV to even more customers.”

GSTV transforms the gas station forecourt into an entertaining and informative experience at many major fuel brands, such as ARCO, Sunoco, Mobil, Murphy USA, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Gulf, Marathon, Shell, Speedway, and Valero, as well as many leading independent operators. GSTV is already watched by 45 million viewers across the country each month, further establishing video at the pump as the “new normal­” for consumers, gas retailers, and advertisers.

Real-time viewers are a hallmark of GSTV’s advertising value proposition, and they are key to creating meaningful, memorable engagements that drive c-store and broader sales consideration. The growth of the GSTV network provides an extended avenue for advertisers to easily scale promotional messaging to audiences nationwide. Numerous major brands such as General Motors, Sprint, Wal-Mart, and Mars regularly employ GSTV to achieve national reach of captive viewers with hyper-local targeting.

“Capturing real-time viewers is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s on-demand media landscape,” said David Leider, CEO, GSTV. “By further increasing GSTV’s audience through our collaboration with Wayne, we are able to demonstrate the growing impact of video at the pump as an essential part of an effective media mix. Video at the pump reaches captive consumers and results in higher ad recall rates and, ultimately, higher ROI for marketers.”

About Wayne, A GE Business:

Wayne is a GE business and global leader in the design, manufacturing and servicing of forecourt fueling solutions where reliability and uptime are critical. Dispensers, payment platforms, control systems and technology from Wayne play an essential role in traditional and alternative fueling sites around the world. Wayne is ISO 14001 certified.

About GSTV:

Gas Station TV (GSTV) is America’s No. 1 video network at the pump. Delivering the hard to reach, on-the-go consumer, GSTV reaches 45 million monthly viewers at the nation’s leading gas retailers across the United States. Through its inOvationTVTM collaboration with Wayne, A GE Business, the network is now available to any gas retailer anywhere in the U.S. who installs Wayne OvationTM fuel dispensers.

Offering an industry-leading experience, GSTV engages, influences and drives consumers to action on behalf of its advertisers and gas retailers with exclusive content including sports from ESPN, news and entertainment from CNN’s Headline News and Showbiz Tonight, business and personal finance reports from Bloomberg TV, and local-hosted weather updates from AccuWeather.

GSTV can be viewed throughout the country at leading gas retailers like BP, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, Gulf, Arco, Home Depot, Marathon, Exxon-Mobil, Speedway, Shell, Murphy USA, and Sunoco.

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