NPR Talks Gas Station TV

  • NACS

​WASHINGTON – In a news report this week, NPR’s David Folkenflik interviewed Gas Station TV CEO David Leider about his company’s approach to marketing in this growing media channel.

The segment opened with a recording of a new Fiat ad that debuted exclusively at the pump, via Gas Station TV, which the company’s CEO says reaches 50 million people every month, at 2,600 stations nationwide.

According to Leider, “We like to say that our consumer is tied to our screen with an eight-foot rubber hose for about five minutes fueling. So we’ve got this very, very captive audience — and they’re bored … when people pump gas they have nothing to do.”

The pumptop screens primarily show a rotating five-minute entertainment cycle that incorporates content from Bloomberg News, ESPN and that of Turner Broadcasting (which includes HLN, CNN and the Cartoon Network), although programming can easily be customized by location.

According to Alison Hashimoto, vice president of programming and production for Turner Private Networks, Gas Station TV is an obvious win for the network, helping to draw new viewers who may not turn on their shows at home.

Gas station customers also share one important characteristic — they all drive, making them an especially valuable audience for companies in the automotive and related industries.