Grand Visual Interconnects With Major U.S. DOOH Networks

Grand Visual, a digital-out-of-home creative technology provider, has announced that its DOOH campaign management dashboard, OpenLoop, is now interconnected with media owners accounting for around 80 percent of the DOOH inventory in the United States. Those media companies include; Adspace Networks, Branded Cities, Captivate Network, Outfront Media (formerly CBS Outdoor), Cemusa, Clear Channel Outdoor, Clear Channel Spectacolor, EYE Corp Media, Gas Station TV, Lamar Advertising, Titan and Zoom.

According to the New York-based company, OpenLoop is designed to open the traditional out-of-home loop so that brands and agencies can actively manage creative content and social media feeds in real-time during a live campaign. The platform can reach 92% of U.S. DMAs via 40,000 screens and 12,000 locations, including high-visibility pedestrian areas. A full-scale campaign can deliver as many as 1.4 billion impressions during a four week period.

Ben Putland, chief operating officer of Grand Visual, said: “The process of integrating our software system with U.S. media owners, has been under way since the start of the year. We have been delighted by the warm reception it’s had here and we’re confident that there are still further major media owners who will adopt it in the coming weeks.”

Grand Visual launched OpenLoop in the U.K. in 2012. It is already integrated with all major U.K. DOOH networks and has been used extensively by U.K. creative and media agencies on campaigns for brands such as Google Outside, Audi Dashboard, Nike and the Huffington Post, the company said.