Gassing Up

Place-based media company Gas Station TV is on a growth course. GSTV operates screens in 2,800 gas stations across the U.S. (vs 2,400 last year) with plans to add 800-1,000 stations by year’s end. “We’ll have more than 52 million monthly views,” said GSTV CEO David Leider. GSTV also signs a deal with gas-dispensing company Wayne Fueling in creating wireless and cloud services in gas stations. As a results, GSTV is driving to generate greater advertiser involvement.

“Advertisers are looking for coverage and we provide it in a targeted fashion. Advertisers are buying us nationally, but copying (ads) down to the station level where they can reach different audiences. Or using messages regionally, or in individual geographies, or to zip codes. Geo-targeting is strong for us. For advertisers, it’s more like what they’re buying online,” Leider said. GSTV also is assisting advertisers in creating ad messages. GSTV is continuing to tout its advantages “Our ad recall and purchase intent is three times higher than TV’s. We’re creating real-time messaging and segmenting it by dayparts – breakfast, lunch, late night – for real-time engagement,” said Leider. On the agenda: more mobile programs in place, and we’re focusing on interactivity. “We have a number of different mobile programs in place, and we’re focusing on interactivity with mobile devices,” Leider said. Being ramped up: data/analytics.