Country Fair Begins Testing “Gas Station TV”

Country Fair is looking to make your fueling experience more entertaining.

Introducing Gas Station TV.

It’s a channel inside the gas pump providing customers with the latest news, weather and sports updates. The Country Fair at W. 38th Street & Caughey Rd., in Millcreek, is currently testing the pilot program.

The program runs on a four-minute loop, which is about the average time a customer spends fueling their vehicle.

Between those updates, Country Fair and national advertising groups are running commercials highlighting in-store sales.

“We have a chance to advertise on Gas Station TV as well, and our hopes are to get customers into the stores to try our wonderful products, or the food services,” said Stacy Kline, Country Fair advertising manager.

“They can see what’s on the television, they can say you guys have the ice buckets in there, or the coolers, or the subs that are already made,” said Michelle Graves, Country Fair food service associate at Store #14, located at W. 38th & Caughey.

Evening though Gas Station TV is still new, customers are enjoying the one-of-a-kind feature.

“I come here for the convenience. And it’s nice to watch SportsCenter while I’m on lunch break too,” said Matt Cannon, of Conneaut Lake.

“I’ve never been to a gas station with this feature anywhere… in the entire country. I think it’s awesome,” said Chris Genis, of Erie.

Country Fair stores will expand Gas Station TV to some of its other 70 stores, as early as this year, Kline said. The Millcreek location was selected as the “model store” due to recent renovations, she added.