Pumping Growth

Placed-based media company Gas Station TV, which operates TV screens in more than 5,000 gas stations across the U.S., is driving on a number of fronts. “We’re seeing continued significant growth. We’ll have 70-million monthly impressions in 2016 – we’re in the middle of (consumers’) days,” said GSTV CEO David Leider. What’s getting attention: mobile. “It’s becoming a bigger part of our business. We’re running integrated mobile programs that help drive deeper engagement with (consumers). They’ll see an ad on the (GSTV) screen and (advertisers) can retarget them later on mobile phones with coupons and various offers. The engagement and click-through rates are 25% greater than just having an (ad) seen on a mobile phone alone,” Leider Said

In addition, GSTV is bolstering its data and analytics capabilities. “We’re putting data and analytics at the center of the company in terms of how we think about advertisers and gas retailers. We’re also investing heavily in a number of data partnerships and providing a greater level of analytics for (advertisers) return-on-investment and attribution,” said Leider. “We are doing audience targeting more efficiently. More consistent daypart and audience segmentation. Our message to advertisers is that (GSTV) is a location-based video network at the epicenter of where (consumers) are transacting, hitting them with relevancy and recency,” Leider added.