They Pump. They Watch. They Shop.

America's #1 video network at the pump.

GSTV. Your Most Valuable Media Impression.

The most effective digital video network for connecting weekly with on-the-go consumers when they have a moment to consider your ad.

Mass Audience: More 18-49

Consistently delivering more weekly A18-49 viewers than 99% of Primetime shows.


National network with ability to integrate tailored media down to the station level-minimizing waste.

Accountable: Nielsen Audited

Only media that is regulated through transactions at the pump delivering a 100% real-time audience.


National reach with hyper-local targeting down to the station level.

150M Monthly Audited Viewers
208 Total DMAs
50 of the top 50 DMAs
11,000 Stations in 48 States


We found the hard-to-reach, on-the-go consumer. Here's your chance to talk to them.

40 Median Age

They are young and active

78% Ages 18-49

GSTV is 63% more likely to reach ages 18-49 than TV

2X Higher recall than TV

83% of viewers agree that GSTV is as effective or more effective than TV

88K Average HHI

They have purchase power


Heighten impact with consumers in an engaging one-to-one setting.

World-class, exclusive custom content featuring ESPN, CNN’s Headline News and Buzz Today, Bloomberg TV, AccuWeather, The List and CNET. Let us help you connect with millions of engaged viewers this year.

  • ESPN
  • CNN's The Buzz Today
  • CNN
  • Headline News
  • Bloomberg Television
  • AccuWeather
  • CNET
  • The List


Drive foot traffic and top of mind awareness to consumers in your local trade area.

Enhanced Targeting

Use our IP-addressable network to target consumers by DMA, zip code or specific radius of your business.

Proximity Marketing

Impact brand awareness and purchase intent with consumers who are within minutes of your store or retail outlets where your brand is featured.

Time-Sensitive Messaging

Your ad airs to undistracted viewers at the time you want it to be seen.

They Pump. They Watch. They...

The most effective digital video network for...

62% of viewers head to retail today after fueling
8/10 want to hear about promotions at nearby retailers
25% of monthly viewers will head to retail in the next 2 hours
100% driver audience compared to 81% average for other media
3x more likely than other media to be in market within six months
34% intend to buy a new car within the year
1/3 have coverage on 3 or more vehicles
41% more likely to drive 30,000+ miles per year
1/3 will renew or change auto policy within the next 6 months
70% will use a credit card today
31% more likely to take out an auto, student or personal loan or consolidate/refinance a mortgage
36% more likely to consolidate/refinance a mortgage
50% of viewers will consume fast food today
60% of QSR customers decide where they are going to eat just prior to their meal
Last Impression GSTV is the last impression made prior to consumers deciding where to eat
58% of viewers will enter the convenience store today
71% of viewers will purchase a snack or beverage today
2x higher ad recall than TV