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  • “How I Would Fix…”

    Troubled companies abound. Here's how veteran CEOs would tackle some of the solutions.

    It’s more difficult than ever to run a blue-chip company considering spotty economic growth worldwide, increasing geopolitical tensions, rising commodity prices, dissolving consumer loyalties and the ceaseless and often microscopic attention brought by the unblinking digital eye. As a result of these external forces and some internal missteps, some of

  • Automakers gear up localized advertising on gas pump TVs

    Gas Station TV is attracting automakers that create advertisements custom-designed to the Birmingham company’s pump-side screen network and location-focused approach Fiat has gone further than any car brand, unveiling Monday an ad made only for Gas Station TV’s pump-top screens at nearly 1,900 service stations across the country. The ad

  • Gas Station TV airing customized ads at the pump

    Birmingham-based Gas Station TV is making auto advertisers more comfortable in creating advertisements that are custom-designed around the company’s pump-side screen network and location-focused orientation. Fiat has now gone further than any other car brand by creating an advertisement specifically for Gas Station TV, which has nearly 1,900 pump-top screens

  • Gas Station TV clicks with viewers at the pump

    Birmingham-based company adds jobs as it expands nationwide

    It’s a high-tech commercial war like Microsoft-Apple, Sony-Panasonic or Facebook-Google. But unlike those out-of-state technology titans, the leader in the growing rivalry for delivering unique TV network programming to gasoline station pumps is in Birmingham. Gas Station TV has become a growth company that keeps adding jobs locally as its

  • Ford Pumps Up 2012 Models with GSTV

    Talk about a pain point: Is there any purchase that feels worse these days than pouring gasoline into your car at prices of around $4 a gallon? Well, Ford is ready to help with the 38-highway-mpg new 2012 Focus and other fuel-efficient models. And it has found a way to

  • Birmingham entrepreneur pumped to be a TV mogul at gas stations

    Entrepreneur fuels business at gas stations

    • The Detroit News

    A Birmingham entrepreneur wants to have the largest television network in the country — reaching more viewers than the largest cable or traditional networks. And he thinks he has just the way to reach that mass audience — at the gas pump. As founder and CEO of Gas Station TV,