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  • Pumping Growth

    Placed-based media company Gas Station TV, which operates TV screens in more than 5,000 gas stations across the U.S., is driving on a number of fronts. “We’re seeing continued significant growth. We’ll have 70-million monthly impressions in 2016 – we’re in the middle of (consumers’) days,” said GSTV CEO David

  • Gassing Up

    Place-based media company Gas Station TV is on a growth course. GSTV operates screens in 2,800 gas stations across the U.S. (vs 2,400 last year) with plans to add 800-1,000 stations by year’s end. “We’ll have more than 52 million monthly views,” said GSTV CEO David Leider. GSTV also signs

  • Its Stations In Life

    • Delaney Report: Vol. 25 No. 8

    Placed-based media company Gas Station TV is setting its sights on continued growth. GSTV operates TV screens in 2400 stations in the U.S. that include 47 million viewers monthly with more on the docket. “We’re continuing to grow, adding stations at a rapid pace. Our message is focused – that

  • Like Regular TV

    Place-based media company Gas Station TV, operates TV screens on gas pumps, is stepping up its efforts to woo advertisers. “The key for us is that mass advertisers are starting to use companies like us as traditional television. We’re taking out more research for every client on how our various