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  • Gas Station TV Capitalizes On A Captive Audience

    Gas Station TV is a company that provides television programming on screens at gas station pumps around the country. The company's CEO says its content and advertisements reach 50 million people.

    MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: Now to the gas station as entertainment venue. The automobile manufacturer Fiat recently unveiled a new ad for a fuel-efficient mini car. It features some edgy cartoon animals. (SOUNDBITE OF FIAT ADVERTISEMENT) UNIDENTIFIED MAN: No offense to hogs, but you’re a bit of a gas hog. There,

  • “How I Would Fix…”

    Troubled companies abound. Here's how veteran CEOs would tackle some of the solutions.

    It’s more difficult than ever to run a blue-chip company considering spotty economic growth worldwide, increasing geopolitical tensions, rising commodity prices, dissolving consumer loyalties and the ceaseless and often microscopic attention brought by the unblinking digital eye. As a result of these external forces and some internal missteps, some of

  • Wheelies: The Swift Sorento Sales Edition

    A roundup of motoring news from the web

    Fiat’s latest advertisement for its 500 compact is an animated video that promotes the car’s fuel efficiency and features a cast of cartoon animals making mafia-style threats to people who don’t buy a Fiat 500. The commercial is scheduled to be introduced on Gas Station TV this month, so the

  • Marketers Overlooking An Important Part Of The Journey

    Watch out for all that digital ticker tape flashing across today's online shopping sites. It may be covering up a parade of shoppers who are returning to brick-and-mortar stores.

    A study published recently by Accenture found that, among 750 U.S. consumers surveyed, the proportion of shoppers planning to visit physical stores has risen from just 9 percent a year ago to 21 percent now. That doesn’t mean that these customers have abandoned the Web; rather, the Web and brick-and-mortar

  • Gas Station TV Acquired by Rockbridge Growth Equity

    Gas Station TV's Digital Place-based Advertising Network Reaches More Than 50 Million Viewers Per Month Across 42 States

    DETROIT, MI — Consolidation in the digital place-based (DPb) advertising space has accelerated over the last several months. Last January, Outcast Media, one of the largest digital-place-based advertising networks at gas pumps was snapped up by Gilbarco Veeder-Root combining Outcast Media’s network with Gilbarco’s c-store-based Applause TV. Then in April

  • Pumped

    Rockbridge Growth Equity announced yesterday that it will lead an acquisition of Gas Station TV, a Birmingham, Mich.-based video network for gas stations. No financial terms were disclosed, but word is it falls within Rockbridge’s typical equity investments of between $20m-$100m for companies with at least $20 million in revenue