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  • inOvationTV™ Media Platform Selected For Leiszler Oil Site Upgrades in Kansas

    Meeting future technology needs cited as key criteria for the selection

    Austin, Texas USA – The inOvationTV™ media platform continues its nationwide expansion with the addition of new sites in Kansas. The inOvationTV media platform is the leading forecourt media platform offered jointly by Wayne Fueling Systems, one of the leaders in fuel dispensing technology, and Gas Station TV (GSTV), America’s

  • NPR Talks Gas Station TV

    • NACS

    ​WASHINGTON – In a news report this week, NPR’s David Folkenflik interviewed Gas Station TV CEO David Leider about his company’s approach to marketing in this growing media channel. The segment opened with a recording of a new Fiat ad that debuted exclusively at the pump, via Gas Station TV,

  • Wayne Partners on EMV, Loyalty, Mobile Payment

    AUSTIN, Texas — New partnerships are allowing pump-maker Wayne Fueling Systems to offer “cloud”-based solutions for options like EMV, mobile payment and loyalty programs, the company announced at the 2014 NACS Show in Las Vegas. The new offer, called Wayne Cloud Solutions is a suite of forecourt technologies and services

  • Gas Station TV Capitalizes On A Captive Audience

    Gas Station TV is a company that provides television programming on screens at gas station pumps around the country. The company's CEO says its content and advertisements reach 50 million people.

    MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: Now to the gas station as entertainment venue. The automobile manufacturer Fiat recently unveiled a new ad for a fuel-efficient mini car. It features some edgy cartoon animals. (SOUNDBITE OF FIAT ADVERTISEMENT) UNIDENTIFIED MAN: No offense to hogs, but you’re a bit of a gas hog. There,

  • inOvationTV™ Media Platform Selected For Site Upgrades at Nisbet Oil Sites in North Carolina

    Program will help improve fueling experience and "future proof" Nisbet Oil sites

    BIRMINGHAM, Mich The inOvationTV™ media program continues its nationwide growth with the addition of new Nisbet Oil sites in North Carolina. The inOvationTV media platform is the leading forecourt media program offered jointly by Wayne Fueling Solutions and Gas Station TV (GSTV), America’s No. 1 video network at the pump.

  • “How I Would Fix…”

    Troubled companies abound. Here's how veteran CEOs would tackle some of the solutions.

    It’s more difficult than ever to run a blue-chip company considering spotty economic growth worldwide, increasing geopolitical tensions, rising commodity prices, dissolving consumer loyalties and the ceaseless and often microscopic attention brought by the unblinking digital eye. As a result of these external forces and some internal missteps, some of

  • Wheelies: The Swift Sorento Sales Edition

    A roundup of motoring news from the web

    Fiat’s latest advertisement for its 500 compact is an animated video that promotes the car’s fuel efficiency and features a cast of cartoon animals making mafia-style threats to people who don’t buy a Fiat 500. The commercial is scheduled to be introduced on Gas Station TV this month, so the