Chris Wascha, CTO

Chris Wascha-33.jpg

Chris Wascha is the Chief Technology Officer at GSTV. He has over 20 years of experience leading technology teams to deliver business value. At GSTV, Chris is responsible for all technology related teams including corporate IT, technology infrastructure, application development, broadcast services and network operations.

Chris has helped define and guide the technical landscape and standards for the fuel media space, working with partners to build their solutions for media at the dispenser. In addition to his technology focus, Chris plays a critical role in helping to define and drive a results orientated culture at GSTV.

Prior to GSTV, Chris spent five years at Borders Group Inc., where he managed application development and IT services. There he led the development and implementation of Prior to Borders, Chris spent 10 years as a technology consultant at Accenture, working with Fortune 200 companies to craft and implement technology strategies.

Chris received his bachelor's degree in decision science and information systems from the University of Kentucky. He is an avid cyclist and soccer player. He resides in Bloomfield Hills with his wife, three children and dog Skittles.

First Car: 1968 VW Convertible Bug, Red